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Piano Teacher Forum: "Ways to Use Singing in Suzuki Piano Teaching" by Nora Hamerman

  • 01/10/2020
  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Nora Hamerman's house, Reston VA


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Here’s a little-known fact: the fortepiano, ancestor of our modern piano, was invented because previous keyboard instruments were not able to imitate the ability of the human voice to gradually change dynamics. All musical instruments are ways of imitating and extending our ability to sing.  But whether we apply this to teaching piano—or not—is a question with many different answers. Do you use solfege for ear training? What are the relative advantages of the fixed-do and moveable-do approaches? Do the students sing their pieces before they learn them (mainly talking about the early books)? How about words? I like to teach my pupils one song they sing together at the recital—preferably a simple canon.  Does anyone else do this? How about the student who has difficulty singing, either due to vocal problems or hearing issues?  Does it seem like adding a singing component to the lesson is just too much, given that we somehow have to fit in so much else? 

Nora Hamerman

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