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Suzuki Information for Students and Parents

"The fate of a child is in the hands of his parents" ~ Shinichi Suzuki

It doesn't matter how young or old you are, YOU can learn how to play a musical instrument. It takes time and work, but the reward of making beautiful music is something you'll cherish.

Suzuki music education is different from a lot of other music lessons.

  • You don't have to audition or prove aptitude to be accepted, you just have to have interest and dedication
  • You can begin lessons at a very young age (3-5 years) but older children and adults are also welcome
  • You start to learn music by listening to music -- reading music comes later
  • You progress at your own pace
  • You get individual and group lessons
  • You have a teacher that cares about you and your growth as both a person and as a musician
  • You will have frequent opportunity to perform publicly
  • You join a caring and cooperative world-wide community of other Suzuki musicians

It is important to listen to music and practice every day. Here are some good practice ideas for Suzuki students that can help make every day fun.

Two essential elements of a Suzuki musical education are that:

  • Students learn from listening
  • Students learn in a loving, nurturing environment

Parental involvement and care are at the core of accomplishing both of these goals. Take an active interest and role in your child's music education. Create a home environment that celebrates music and provides time for listening to music.

Nurtured By Love

In order to achieve a broad understanding of the Suzuki Method, SAGWA recommends that all parents Shinichi Suzuki's book, Nurtured by Love. This classic work by the founder of the Suzuki Method gives, through personal anecdotes, a history of the development of the Suzuki philosophy and his belief in the high potential of every child.

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