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Organization Membership

Memberships run from January 1 to December 31. Organizations who register or who have renewed their SAGWA membership anytime from September 1 until December 31 will be “grandfathered in” to the next year. 

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Membership Benefits

Organizations would include youth orchestras, schools, music schools, music institutes, education-based groups, performing ensembles, early childhood centers, businesses, libraries, etc.

$75* for a one-year Organization Membership

$1,000 for a lifetime Organization Membership**

*$20 of each $75 Organization Membership is applied to SAGWA's tax-deductible scholarship fund.

**If you are currently an annual member, you can upgrade to a 20-year member by logging in and visiting your profile.

Note: Per the existing SAGWA by-laws, schools and similar organizations are not umbrella groups able to provide an alternative to individual teacher membership. Each teacher at a school or organization needs to be a member on their own to receive Teacher Member Benefits.

Membership Benefits

  1. Free listings online for all Organizational Member events and concerts and auditions relevant or of interest to SAGWA members as determined by the SAGWA Board.
  2. Listing as an organizational member on the website.
  3. Use of the SAGWA logo. Subject to SAGWA Board approval in advance for each instance, the ability to use the SAGWA logo on relevant organizational publications.
  4. Advertising discounts of 25%.
  5. Receive the monthly updates and newsletters by email.
  6. Free direct contact with SAGWA members up to a total of 3 times per year through the website via an email sent to with a desired distribution specification such as “all string teachers” or similar. This limit of 3 does not include standard listings as links in the newsletter or on the website etc. Organizational members can directly email teachers, family members, instrument groups or the entire membership body to e.g. forward brochures, advertising, calls for auditions or other related events. SAGWA does not release contact information but can forward material to members who have not opted out of receiving such contact. Further email contact with SAGWA members can be arranged for a fee. Contact for more information, size limits and formatting of email blasts. Layout and graphic services can be arranged by SAGWA for a fee.
  7. Discounted tickets to SAGWA concerts at ticketed events. The total number of such tickets may be limited, and will be awarded on a first-come basis. Other opportunities for discounted and free tickets are through Sponsorship. Details of these sponsorship opportunities are to follow.

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